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  • Processing of cylinder liners
Processing of cylinder liners

Treatment of drum brakes
Honing machines for processing drum brakes

We have supplied various honing machines for treating drum brakes to a large number of customers, helping them produce high-quality products. In comparison with untreated brakes, the products that have passed the honing process are characterized by a smoother, quieter and more reliable operation without the need for a running-in period. The angle of inclination of the grid obtained in the course of honing ensures uniform wear of the brake linings in the cylinder. This equipment also supports the functions of short pauses and automatic circulating honing, which makes it possible to level the brake opening walls

To ensure accurate dimensions, high quality surface treatment and the durability of honing materials, we have developed special honing abrasive bars. Special clamps make the installation and dismantling process faster and easier. We represent honing machines for the treatment of drum brakes in several models, including for vertical or horizontal honing, automatic or manual, single-spindle or multi-spindle. A custom production service is available in accordance with the customer's specification.

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