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H70nm55 Honing Stones for Tube Honing Machines

  • product description:H70nm55 Honing Stones for Tube Honing Machines
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The standard SUNNEN honing stones for honing machines .
Honing stone is an abrasive that is matched with other honing tools then installed on honing machiens to process parts with holes . They are highly efficient , have a high honing precision , a fine finishing and a reliable repairing performance due to the premium abrasive with advanced formula and processing rechnology . The most commonly used abrasive materuals include Diamond , cubic boron nitride , Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide .

brasive material code application
CBN NM Quenched Steel , Temperd Steel
Diamond DM Cast iron , Aluminum , cooper , carbide Alloy , Ceramics  etc
Aluminium Oxide A Quenched Steel
Silicon Carbide J Aluminum, Copper Alloy , and Cast

Numbers of hardness

soft hard

3   5   7   9   11   13
Numbers of grit

NO.(Set by honing) Grit Size
3 100
4 150
5 220
6 280
8 400
9 500
0 600
90 900
00 1200

H50 and H70 series honing stones , used for SUNNEN honing machines and our DWH honing machines .
Can supply many different  abrasives


Packing and Shipping

Factory View
Founded in 2006, SHANGHAI HONING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a specialized company devote to the invention , produce, sale and service of the honing products
Our main products include the honing machine, honing tools and honing stones ect. In addition to providing professional honing solutions based on customer's requirements .
At present, we have won a number of invention patents , and also have passed the ISO ,CE certification . Our products enjoy high reputation not only in Chinese market, and exported to the United States , Western Europe , and many other developed countries , with stable quality and excellent service is the consistent favor of international customer.
In 2016 year , SHANGHAI HONING has a new factory in YXING city , we develop our business better and better . Also we are waiting for more good partners to cooperate with us in the future

Q1 , Do you have experience in international business
A: We manufacture honing  machines and tools from 2006 year , and we Start international business from 2009 year , we have many customers cooperate with us for long time .

Q2, How to buy ?
A: Contact with us , if you can tell us the models of SUNNEN , we can supply you .
Or you can tell us the information of workpieces , we will recommend .

Q3, How about your quality ?
A: We sell to abroad for 10 years , we supply the honing tools for many SUNNEN honing machines . We test our quality and solve all problems of honing , just contact  with us . We also welcome you try to use our honing machines.

Q4, Where do you sell ?
A: Our main market are Europe ,USA and Russia. We have distributors in Italy and USA, if you want our products , can contact with them . We sell the honing tools to many countries .

Q5, How about the after-sell service ?
A:  If our quality problem, we will replace for free . Give us feedback, we will develop and supply you the customized designs .

All problems , just contact with us !

We are looking for distributors , welcome to contact with us


Contacts:Lily Tang

Cell phone:+86-0510-891770660-810



Address:No 256 Chuangyun RD, Heqing own, Pudong , Shanghai , China